What do you remember most about the Lagunitas School District?What do you remember most about the Lagunitas School District?
When I reflect on my nine years as a student at Lagunitas, a collection of memories come to mind. Learning to play the flute in Annie’s music class, harvesting tomatoes during Josh’s garden hour, and hiking through Redwood forests during Buck’s PE class are just a few of these experiences I feel only a unique school could’ve left me with. The tight-knit community Lagunitas fostered and the friends I am still in touch with is what I hold closest to my heart.

How did the Lagunitas School District influence the person who you have become and your interests and goals?
In and outside of the classroom, I was in constant collaboration with my peers, whether it be to build a rock stack or solve math worksheets. Now studying at a competitive university, I still strongly value working with fellow students to discuss and solve challenging content from my courses. And though I’m unsure of what my career path will be, I do know that I want to be interacting with and feel I am helping others in need.

What activities are you or were you involved with in the San Geronimo Valley and surrounding communities during your years in the Lagunitas School District and in high school. Volunteer activities, school activities, sports, jobs, internships etc. (high school activities as well)
At Lagunitas I played a variety of sports: soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football, and track and field. I was part of a girl’s chorus for roughly six years. I also did various electives in middle school such as chess, cooking, and creative writing. My senior year of high school I volunteered as a coach for the St. Cecilia’s Third Grade Girls Basketball team as well. At Sir Francis Drake High School, I was on the Varsity Volleyball Team (3 years), co-founded the Body Positive Club and a Microfinance Club, was a volunteer chef at the Marin Ceres Community Project (3 years), a member of a two year environmental science program (SEA-DISC), and interned for organizations such as EarthScope Media and One Tam.

What special awards and honors have you earned and been given? (including throughout high school)
I received the NCS Scholar Athlete Award (4 years), Counselor’s Award for Personal Achievement (Sophomore year), Outstanding achievement in SEA-DISC (2 years), Certificate of Award as Youth Environmental Conference Delegate (2015), Drake Scholarship Foundation Awardee (Senior year).

If you are a high school graduate what have you been up to since high school, where are you now, what are your plans? If at college where are you and what are you studying? 
I am a second year at UC Berkeley studying Society and Environment in the College of Natural Resources.