I will never forget my time at Lagunitas School.  In addition to the lifelong friends I made, the teachers who provided fun, inspiring, and thought provoking lessons will always stand out in my mind as great influences in my life.  The people and programs at Lagunitas school were supportive and flexible, encouraging me to cultivate my abilities and interests.  They provided an excellent foundation for my youthful universe, and the skills that I developed while in the Open Classroom and Lagunitas Middle School have been crucial to my success throughout my academic and adult life.    

While I was a student I had no inkling of the complexities of school funding, and thought COLA was a tasty beverage used to dissolve teeth in a science experiment with Sue Walker.  I may not have known a parcel from a package, but I did feel the flux in the school budgeting process.  I wondered why we didn’t have PE or electives some years, and remember being thankful for my situation when hearing tales of class sizes in other schools.  I now realize more than ever how much our community in the San Geronimo Valley supports the school and how important that is.

Since those early schoolyard days, my adventures have taken me around the world.  The confidence, compassion and cleverness I was able to cultivate at Lagunitas School carried me through my days at College of Marin and and UC Santa Cruz, and helped me earn scholarships and honors along the way.  It gave me the bravery to jump into the business world and the strength to help build a house for my grandparents.  I carry those early lessons with me always, and they wouldn’t have been the same without the support of so many wonderful people at Lagunitas School.

I now have a son of my own who will soon be attending Lagunitas himself, and I want him to have the same support and encouragement that I did.  The time has come again to reaffirm our support of the Lagunitas School District, and I would like to encourage everyone to join me in saying “Yea on Measure A!”

Breeze Kinsey