What do you remember most about the Lagunitas School District?

My most profound memory of the Lagunitas School District was the focus on teaching to the individual. When I was at the Open Classroom, each teacher taught to the students unique learning style. As a young elementary school student, it is difficult to focus in a classroom setting as you are constantly wanting to explore the world around you to build your personality and learn about your community and the environment. The Open Classroom fostered this in and out of the classroom, by breaking up the day into how you, as the student want to structure it. To many, this may seem crazy, however, the teachers put trust in the student to learn at their own pace and with their own learning style.There was a balance of play time on the school yard, hands on mathematics inside as well as examples from the world around us, english with poetry time alone in nature, gardening and learning about nutrition, physical activity from hiking and learning how to build, to history with exploring the area where we grew up. This schooling technique formed me into a well rounded, curious, and engaged learner.

How did the Lagunitas School District influence the person who you have become and your interests and goals?

The Lagunitas School District helped to give me a variety of option to explore as a elementary and middle school student. I got to try new things in a tangible way that allowed me to build on my ideas and ultimate guide me to my passion of helping people, which I was introduced to with peer counseling and student helper positions.

What activities are you or were you involved with in the San Geronimo Valley and surrounding communities during your years in the Lagunitas School District and in high school. Volunteer activities, school activities, sports, jobs, internships etc…?

When I was at the Lagunitas School District I was involved with Trapeze at the Woodacre Improvement Club. To be completely honest, I was not as involved in the community during middle school as it was a difficult time for me. But the school district supported my challenges with engaging material, hands on projects, and support from teachers and other employees. In high school, I was apart of the Team Program which was a year long outdoor program at Tamiscal High School which encouraged leadership and engagement outside the classroom. This program reminded me a lot of the Lagunitas School District in its fundamental ideals. I began to explore my goals for the future in high school by doing many internships with medical centers in Marin. I did a year long internship at Kaiser Permanente in both the pediatric and sport medicine departments. I also helped as a teaching assistant at My City School in San Francisco, which is a school for children with severe learning disabilities. In high school I was involved in yearbook as well as many planning committees for school events, and at graduation I was the master of ceremonies.

What special awards and honors have you earned and been given?

Upon graduating middle school, I was honored to receive the Lion’s Club Award for I believe leadership. In high school I was awarded exemplary student in the Tech Lit program, and upon graduation of high school I was awarded the Leadership Award for the Team Program. The Team Program award was given to one individual in their junior year class who was a model student for their classmates, was helpful, engaged, and joined the class as a whole. In college I received EMT of the year for my rescue service. At the university I have also been put on the Dean’s List for having a 4.0 GPA.

If you are a high school graduate what have you been up to since high school, where are you now, what are your plans? If at college where are you and what are you studying?

Currently, I am a junior at the University of Vermont. I am studying Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science and I am pursuing a career as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. As a freshman in college, I joined the university’s advanced life support ambulance service, where I am now an advanced EMT and am the personnel officer. I also run the wilderness orientation program at the university for incoming freshman students. When I am not doing school work, or saving lives on the ambulance, I work in the neonatal intensive care unit.