The Marin IJ has endorsed Measure A!

Measure A is endorsed by these Valley neighbors:

Steve Kinsey, Former Marin County Supervisor

“This School District is as unique and beautiful as the hills that define us. We have known that for a long time, which is why we have renewed this vital funding since 1987. It’s time to vote “Yes” again, knowing that we are investing in our children’s future and our own community values at the same time.”

Wendi Kallins

We are so fortunate to have such innovative programs in our schools. 

I am 65 and childless but I support this tax and will pay it as long as I am financially able because I recognize that the education of our communities children benefits all of us.

Supervisor Dennis Rodoni

“I’m all in for Measure A. With limited funding available from the state, our local kids rely on this funding to ensure small class sizes. Let’s continue this vital local funding, 100% of which will stay in our community.”



Amy & Tom Valens

If you have not visited any of our classrooms lately, I encourage you to do so, and see first hand happy engaged students led by experienced and dedicated teachers.  Passing Measure A is vital to maintaining that level of creative, child-centered excellence.  Our school district offers parents choices as to how their children are educated, and encourages the entire community’s participation in all aspects of school life–from building the playgrounds, to speaking freely at board meetings, to interacting with students and teachers during the school day.   It is truly Our School.  Let’s keep it strong!!

Dennis Rodoni


Steve Kinsey

Former Supervisor

Rep. Jared Huffman

U.S. Congressman for the 2nd District

The League of Women Voters

John Carroll,

Superintendent of School, Lagunitas

Cia & Pat Donahue

Mary Jane Burke,

Marin County Superintendent of Schools

Margaret & Kit Krauss

Monique Paltrineri

Chuck Ford

Tamalpais Union High School District Board Trustee & former Board member, Lagunitas School District

Lynette McLamb

Anne McClain

Steve Rebscher,

Lagunitas School Board President

Carol Rebscher
Wendi Kallins

Meegan Lee Ochs-Potter

Lagunitas School Board Member

Suzanne Sadowsky

Jack Kornfield

Katie Rasmussen & John Kaufman

Lagunitas Teacher Association

Dave & Howie Cort
Lynn & Alan Charne
Jodie NewDelman
Helen Ferlino
Katherine Sanford
Anita Collison
Bonny White
Alex & Mike Cusick
Ashley Fullerton
Jesse Wernick
Lhasa & Marty Yudice
Tracy & Scott Signor
Danny Cohen
Amy & Peter McConnell
Carlina Bjork
Catherine & Steve Granville
Laura Shain
James Sanders
Lisa Crawford
Karen Hamblett
Rebecca Teague Jenkins

Eileen Schatz & Buzz Voytovich

Jolana & Shereef Bishay

Marlene Lindner

LEAP member and former school garden specialist

Wendy Heneghan
Jason Yakich
Teryl George
Mary & Gary MacGabhan
Sarah Joseph
Amy Valens
Leelee & Justin Thomas

Alyssa Gleason

Jasper Thelin

Bud and Marty Meade

Buck Chavez

Zoila Berardi

Adam Vurek
Ted & Martha Allen
Susanna & Marco Hernandez
Heather Richardson
Elaine Penwell
Elys Baldock
Mike & Samantha Davidson

Katelyn A Johnson

Huda Al-Jamal
Gay & Tim Cain
Kelly Hunt
Thelma & Mark Weiss

Gloria Elizabeth

Kristy & David Snaith

Jay and Liora Soladay

Kate Clayton,

Pastor of San Geronimo Valley Presbyterian Church

San Geronimo Valley Community Center Board of Directors

Point Reyes Light

Do you support Measure A and want to let your community know it? Please let us know, just go HERE to let us know.
Measure A will be decided by people who live within the boundaries of the Lagunitas School District. Everyone who lives here LOVES the Valley! Please vote YES on Measure A to protect the schools here. Our district is one the true shining lights of your Valley community.

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