What do you remember most about the Lagunitas School District?

I have countless fond memories from my time at the Lagunitas School District, however what I remember most is the time spent with my friends, whether that was playing basketball on the upper campus small hoops or stacking rocks with Buck in middle school PE. My best friends are all people I met in grade school, and the relationships we formed in the tight knit community of Lagunitas have lasted all the way through high school.

 How did the Lagunitas School District influence the person who you have become and your interests and goals?

Coming from the small, intimate Lagunitas School District, I feel like I am much more community oriented than I would be otherwise. I like working in small groups and establishing relationships with the people I am around, whether that is my classmates, teammates, or teachers. In terms of long term interests, I would love to raise my kids in a community like the one around the LSD.

What activities are you or were you involved with in the San Geronimo Valley and surrounding communities during your years in the Lagunitas School District and in high school. Volunteer activities, school activities, sports, jobs, internships etc.

I played soccer, basketball, and baseball while at Lagunitas. I also volunteered at the community center on multiple occasions, and helped out at the LOFT summer camp a couple of times. I’m high school I volunteered at the community center again for community service hours in the ROCK program. I also helped out at the annual Holly fair at the church in San Geronimo.

What special awards and honors have you earned and been given?

Best GPA at middle school graduation, outstanding achievement in PE, Spanish, can’t think of anything else.

If you are a high school graduate what have you been up to since high school, where are you now, what are your plans? If at college where are you and what are you studying?

I am a high school senior.

If you are still in high school what are your post high school plans? (I know you might not know exactly yet but what are your hopes, college, travel, what do you want to study in college etc.)

I was considering taking a gap year after high school, but am now thinking of going straight to college next year. I have a long list of colleges I am applying to, and am thinking of major in some sort of environmental science/policy. My long term goal is to be in nature helping preserve our beautiful outdoors.