What do you remember most about the Lagunitas School District?

What I remember most about the Lagunitas School District was the sense of community, care and encouragement I felt from kindergarten all the way through 8th grade. Every class felt like a family to me, and every teacher was a friend. The strong relationships I formed at Lagunitas, both with my classmates and teachers, has yet to be matched.

How did the Lagunitas School District influence the person who you have become and your interests and goals?

Lagunitas has made me the strong, open-minded and confident leader I am today. The extensive opportunities in school projects, presentations, school activities and sports teams helped me form leadership skills I don’t think I would have gotten otherwise. Most importantly, Lagunitas made me love learning. I was excited to go to school every morning (I’m serious). Because of the support I got at Lagunitas (academically, mentally and emotionally) I was more than ready branch out of my comfort zone and identify my passions and interests once I got to high school. Some of those interests include History, Student Government, The Body Positive Club, etc.

What activities are you or were you involved with in the San Geronimo Valley and surrounding communities during your years in the Lagunitas School District and in high school. Volunteer activities, school activities, sports, jobs, internships etc.

While at Lagunitas, I was involved in both basketball and flag football. I was constantly involved in school activities as well. Once I got to high school, I branched out even more. I played lacrosse my freshman year and played basketball all four years. I was a part of Drake’s Associated Student Body Class, and I was ASB President my senior year. Once in high school I got extremely involved in the community. I volunteered at multiple organizations outside of school – Halleck Creek Riding Club, St. Vincent De Paul, The Body Positive, etc. I was also Outreach Crew Captain my junior year, meaning I was responsible for facilitating all on and off campus community service events (some examples: sock drives, coat drives, canned food drives, volunteering at homeless shelters, visiting feeder middle schools, volunteering at Cedars home for the Disabled, etc.) I also worked during my years at Drake. I worked at a retail clothing store for two years (junior and senior year) as well as CycleBar Novato (a spin / cycle studio).

What special awards and honors have you earned and been given?

In terms of academic recognition, I’ve been awarded:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry
  • Outstanding Achievement in Spanish 3-4
  • Outstanding Achievement in Algebra 1

In the community, I was awarded

  • The Brandeis Book Award (Scholarship)
  • Drake Scholarship
  • Recognized and Awarded by the Jeannette Prandi Children’s Center for facilitating an “Affirmative Consent Week” at Drake High School

If you are a high school graduate what have you been up to since high school, where are you now, what are your plans? If at college where are you and what are you studying?

I graduated high school last year (2017) and I’m currently a first year student at Tulane University. My declared major is currently Political Science, but I plan on switching and double majoring in Environmental Studies and Public Health.